FIM report invalid-attribute-value during export to Lotus


  • Hello, I am trying to establish sync between ad and lotus notes.

    From Lotus to AD syncing works good, i can see users and their e-mails (e-mail is main required field for me) in AD.From AD sync objects in metaverse had no connectors to Lotus, only AD connector, while objects from lotus had both connectors. I've tried to create connector manually in galsync.dll code and it worked (I used something like: ManagementAgent =mvEntry.ConnectedMAs("Lotus") ; csentryLotus = ManagementAgent.Connectors.StartNewConnector("person"); and filled csentryLotus parameters to create CS entry of type Person) . After I could see while expot that connector space entries for lotus are created and filled. But then always during export there was an error, "invalid-attribute-value". (and none entries in Lotus were created during any export) In Event viewer of fim log there is error with code like this:

        <Data Name="HRESULT">0x80230404</Data>
        <Data Name="Source">d:\bt\5417\private\source\miis\server\sqlstore\csobj.cpp(8241)</Data>
        <Data Name="Thread ID">0x5d4</Data>
        <Data Name="Additional Info" />

    What is causing this error I have no idea totally, so I've provided some screenshots:

    i'm using  windows server 2008r2 sp1, fim 2010 r2 v4.1.3451.0 and lotus notes server v8.5.something on windows server 2003r2

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  • Have a look in this helpful blog post where the author talks about "Error #2".  Does that sound like your error?

    Bob Bradley (FIMBob @ ... now using Event Broker 3.0 for just-in-time delivery of FIM 2010 policy via the sync engine, and continuous compliance for FIM

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  • yes, it's very helpful article.
    I've finally solved it, it seems that my target was to create contacts in Lotus, and somewhere in internets i found that contacts can be created only in secondary adress book. so I created second book - contacts.nsf, enabled logging level to 3, removed some unnecessary attributes from CS lotus Entry (using logs)  and it worked fine, contacts in lotus are created! CS Entry, for information, was like that: DN="CN=Firstname Lastname,NAB=contacts.nsf"; filled fields InternetAddress, FirstName,LastName ; FullName.Values were cleared, DnCertifier="O=MyOrganization", _MMS_IDRegType=0, _MMS_OU="" (empty string). Info about fields I received from log, it was located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager\2010\Synchronization Service\Extensions\LotusDominoConnector.log

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  • Wildboar, I'm having a similar issue with a secondary address book, provisioning gives me a 'contrain-violation' but the LotusDominoConnector.log isn't telling me what is wrong... would it be possible for you to provide your provisioning code here? 

    much thanks

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