Password sync migration from MIIS to FIM


  • We use MIIS for passowrd sync to AD and MS SQL server.


    Is it possible to current installed PCNS service of DCs to change to see newly created FIM server for password sync ?


    If MIIS password sync service is down for some time, password change request of DCs are queued in current DCs untill MIIS password or FIM password sync service start to work ?


    Or is there any good migration plan or workaround for migration of MIIS passowrd sync to AD and SQLserver  to newly created FIM  ?

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  • The PCNS you have already installed will work fine for both MIIS and FIM. You can add a new target and have the password being sent to both MIIS and FIM for a while.

    Yes, if the MIIS/FIM server is temporarily down the passwords will be stored for a while on the DC and then sent to the MIIS/FIM server when it is up again.

    sábado, 20 de abril de 2013 16:41