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  • Hello, 

    We have a user who is using a program that accesses a cloud database.  The program reads an .ini file at:


    According to the tech support of the ServantPC program, his machine cannot read the .ini file.  It seems as though it cannot access the file.

    I've checked the file path, and the user has read/write permissions, and the user is also a local admin on the machine.  

    I've also logged in as a local user on the machine and the program works.  We are running AD on Windows Server 08.  

    Are there any GPO settings or settings in AD I should look for to remedy this issue?  Thank you. 


    quinta-feira, 17 de maio de 2018 15:35

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  • Hi JoePark,

    You mean if you log as local admin, then  cannot read the .ini file? But if you log on as another local user, the program works fine, right?

    If so, I suggest you could check about UAC problem.  Could you please disable UAC temporarily to have a check.

    UAC creates a split Access Token. Users in Local Administrators group will work as standard user. It means the standard user that without any specify permission for the   .ini file, so it is possible that when you run as local admin, the program couldn't running.

    But for another local user, if you have assigned the explicit permission for the file path and for the program. Then you could just run as you excepted.

    In your scenario, if after you  disable UAC temporarily , local admin could also work. Then it should be the UAC problem. Since for security problem, it is not suggested to disable UAC permanently. You could consider to just assign related permission to standard user to run the program.

    In addition, here is the article about User Account Control registry and group policy.

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