Deleted the staging folder of DFRS "BY MISTAKE".


  • Hello

    We have the question about DFRS function.

    We use Microsoft Windows DFRS function between server A and Server B on Windows2012.

    We deleted the folder "DFsrPrivate" ,which is configured as staging folder of DFRS, by mistake.
    The  folder "DFsrPrivate" and the files in that folder are still in "Recycle bin".

    To return to the normal state of DFRS, what should we do??

    We have the following ideas. Which is correct??
    a) To restore the folder "DFsrPrivate" from "Recycle bin"
    b) Nothing we have to do. When creating the next new file from the application, the folder "DFsrPrivate" will be created again automatically with creating the new file and return to the normal state of DFRS.
    c) other

    Would you advice the recovery means?

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2018 13:33


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