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  • Para quem ainda não atualizou, no último dia 10 de março foi lançado o SP1 do SCE, trazendo as seguintes melhorias:



    • Support for managing workgroup-joined computers

    • Support for monitoring SNMPv1 network devices

    • Support for using multiple auto-approval rules in update management

    • Support for using a remote SQL Server 2005 instance on a computer with a different architecture (x86 or x64) than that of the computer running the Essentials 2007 management server

    • Support for running the Essentials 2007 management server, console and agent on computers running Windows Server 2008 within 90 days of the release of Essentials 2007 SP1. Management packs for Windows Server 2008 and its role will be available shortly after the release of Windows Server 2008.

    • Improved backup and disaster recovery guidance

    • Improvements in management pack quality

    • Improvements in performance, usability, and supportability




    Cleber Marques

    Projeto MOF Brasil

    quinta-feira, 17 de abril de 2008 18:13