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    I'm having a problem executing a SQLCLR function: this function  
    calls a web services that processes a query to a  data base and 
    returns a table to be used in a stored procedure. In a  low 
    concurrency scenario (not to many clients connected), the function 
    returns  correctly, however when the concurrency level is increased 
    we  have a SQLCLR command execution problem (all the SQLCLR 
    processes hangs), making the server unavailable to all web services 


    At first we thought the problem could be the SQLCLR, since the web  
    services is 100% available, all the time. We monitored to come  to 
    this conclusion. Do you know of some SQLCLR bug?


    Could someone help me with this? I'm in a difficult situation with  
    my client, considering that we defended the MS SQLServer technology  
    and now it's not working properly.

    sexta-feira, 9 de maio de 2008 17:17

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