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    Hi guys,


    Why need a key index when I create a fulltext index,What's the working principle,anyone can explain???


    Thanks in advance.

    quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2008 07:34


  • Hi Fresh,


    I think if U post this question in the TechNet Forum (US not BR) the answer may be arrive more quickly.


    The need for a Primary Key ou a Unique Key in the table to make possible using Full Text Index is that when We use Full Text Index, the Engine has to index every word in the text and make a reference to the row. It make a list of all the relevant works in the blob field plus the index key. When We want to query, the engine reads the list looking for the works in the Contains or Freetext predicate and return the keys associated with that works. Once it got the keys, it can point to the rows and show the result.


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