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  • Hi All,
    I need to display the Blog posts based on conditions.

    I have created http://avsdt03:1212
    http://avsdt03:1212/site1 and http://avsdt03:1212/site2

    Administrator and
    Users : User 1 User 2, User3, User4,....
    Supervisors: Supervisor 1, Supervisor 2

    here user1 and user 2 and Supervisor1 are the users for http://avsdt03:1212/site1
    user3 and user 4 and Supervisor2 are the users for http://avsdt03:1212/site2

    smilarly all the users can acces the parent site as it is a anonymous site.

    In a blog, all users will(User1,User2,....User4) post their posts,
    Conditions :
    a. Post should display to users which are created by themselves only. like [Me]
    b. Supervisor 1 should able to see User 1 and User 2 posts only not to User 3 User 4 posts, like the way Supervisor 2 should able to see User 3 and User 4 posts only.
    c. Administrator should see all user posts.

    i hope you all get my point,

    Thanks and regards 


    quarta-feira, 20 de junho de 2012 07:05