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  • Hey friends,

    I am sorry, I have to ask my question in this forum because I could not find an English microsoft forum for Office usage. 


    I have Office 2007 English version.  Therefore when I use Ms Word, I only have English spell checker and dictionary. I also need to have Dutch dictionary spell checker.


    I heard about Multi language pack, that would help but I don't need all kind of advanced stuffs that the pack provides. I only need to have one more spell checker and dictionary. 


    What can I do. All kind of suggestions are appreciated.






    quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2007 09:43


  • Good afternoon,

    My english is bad, therefore, I go to try.
    The Dutch language (Holland) and Dutch (Belgium) for standard already come installed. You do not need to make no any update.
    I suggest that you enter in fórum of Microsoft in English, perhaps has some difference between our products. It follows below link:
    I wait to have helped, in case that it has, marks as reply.
    quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2007 16:49