Forcing WSUS to Reboot 2012 server after updates complete.


  • We control automatic updates by cycling two GPOs in and out because we only allow updates to occur during 1 day a month.

    We have 2 GPOs,  1 sets updates to manual and the other sets them to automatic on Saturday at 9:00AM.   What we discovered is that Windows 2012 no longer reboots (if necessary) after updates are installed, it waits 2 days and then if no users have logged on to confirm the reboot it forces a reboot.  

    In order for our maintenance routine to work properly we need Windows Server 2012 to reboot immediately following the installation of these updates on Saturday when the Auto-Install GPO is in place.   This used to work like this with 2008 and 2008R2 and this is new behavior for 2012. 

    I found a discussion about this issue, but the fix they outline doesn't seem to make sense to me.   Is there a new GPO setting I need to toggle to get WSUS Updates to perform as they did in 2008?

    terça-feira, 19 de novembro de 2013 16:38


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