Folder Redirection Sync Issue


  • Hi all,

    I am attempting to get Folder Redirection up and working for a pretty decently sized company. I have set up a test OU in Active Directory, added a few users to it, mapped their home drives to one of the servers & set the correct permissions.

    Furthermore, I went into Group Policy Management, added in the policy for Folder Direction under User Configurations to sync up Documents and Desktop. Originally, I had the Documents and Desktop sync properties pointing to a server \\server\FolderRedirection and now I have it pointing to \\server\users where each users redirected folder will be backed up into their own username directory.

    Now, everything works perfectly with syncng up the data to those directories and pulling it down when logged onto another PC. The issue i'm having though is that for some reason, Windows XP likes to hold on to the original path \\server\FolderRedirection when syncing files. So what I did is I physically went to the Folder Properties in XP and then to Sycronization, and unchecked \\server\FolderRedirection so only \\server\users remained. Needless to say, I'd log in as another user and I would have to do the exact same thing. How can I stop this from becomming a contunuing thing? Maybe I have to edit a key in the registry so it forgets the original \\server\FolderRedirection for the local machine?

    I'm trying to push forward with getting this out to production in the next few weeks. Any help would be great. Thanks!
    quinta-feira, 14 de junho de 2012 15:26

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