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  • I have a SQL database and a table named people with columns EmployeeID,FirstName,LastName,AccountName,Password. I want users details and passwords to be exported to this SQL server. I would like the synchronization to be one way. If, for some reason, someone adds a record to the table, I don't want a user to be created in Identity Manager.

    I am having a hard time figuring out how to accomplish this.

    quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2018 23:35

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  • Hi EricR-82,

    Do you mean that you want to use connector to SQL DB for export only? Configure MA only for that and turn off in SQL MA projection of objects.

    Emil Valiev

    quinta-feira, 17 de maio de 2018 07:06
  • Yes, I want to export only. However the user objects don't get exported. Here is the configuration for the SQL Management Agent.

    Synchronization Rules in the IdentityManager portal:

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    quinta-feira, 17 de maio de 2018 15:36
  • In Synchronization Rule on General tab you selected the first Applied Rule. In that case you should also use triple - MPR, set and workflow. Did you create them?

    Emil Valiev

    sexta-feira, 18 de maio de 2018 06:06
  • Thanks for looking at this, but unfortunately I have been tasked with something else and cannot come back to this at this time. I would remove the question, but do not know how.
    sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2018 21:27