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  • Pessoal minha primeira vez neste forum, tenho um ambiente com tmg na empresa, e estou com mensagens de alertas como abaixo:

    The Service Principal Names (SPNs) for configuration storage server srv04.ntdy.local are not registered in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). This can cause a loss of connectivity to the configuration storage server. The SPNs are registered when Forefront TMG is installed, and should be re-registered automatically by the ADAM_ISASTGCTRL service if deleted. To learn why they are not re-registered, check the AD DS (ISASTGCTRL) event log on the configuration storage server for event 2536 (The directory server has failed to update the AD LDS serviceConnectionPoint object), or run the command "setspn -Q ldap/srv04.ntdy.local :2171". You could also run the command "setspn -X" to see whether the SPN is duplicated. For additional troubleshooting help, see

    O servidor srv04.ntdy.local  é meu servidor do tmg ( windows 2008)

    Gostaria de saber como posso resolver a questao acima


    quinta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2011 17:24


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