Cannot connect a workstation to a Windows 2008 Std Server. The server has reached the maximum number of connections.


  • We have purchased a Windows 2011 SBS server with volume licening.  We have executied 'downgrade rights' and installed Windows 2008 Std Server.  The installation of the 1st server has connectability set originally to 15 licenses during the original server build.  The company has grown and now is in the process of ordering an addtional 5 pack under volume licensing.  We are getting a refusal for mapping a drive letter on a computer that is appearing and preventing a user from being able to map a drive and use an essential network application.

    What is the process of removing the " The connector rejected an incoming connection because the maximum number of connections has been reached" condition?"

    segunda-feira, 19 de agosto de 2013 19:39


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