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  • Hello I can not explain clearly. But I will try ...

    By accessing the Control Panel and click Uninstall a program, simply do not access this screen.

    To access I have to click on Programs and Features, so that there opens a screen that lists programs for uninstalling.

    Some items of control panel do not work.

    There are other problems, such as accessing an audio file and try running windows media player just for the screen appears saying that the application does not support the interface.

    Another problem: Any program that you can run a file or folder. Windows Live Messenger himself to receive a file, it does not open or run when you click Open Folder.

    To facilitate communication would say that I am not inexperienced in informatics. And it looked in forums and on-site from Microsoft about these problems and have not found anything similar.

    You have any solution?

    quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2010 12:45


  • Lucas,

    bom dia.

    Comunicação por esse fórum, sempre em Português, por favor.

    Para a sua solução, verifique a possibilidade de vírus é o que mais parece.

    Instale e atualize o antivírus e faça uma varredura completa.

    Não possuindo um sistema de antivírus lhe recomendo o Microsoft Security Essentials


    Gilberto Soares Lopes
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