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    Estou tentando utilizar o Network Discovery para fazer a descoberta dos meus computadores, porem o warning abaixo aparece:

    Na collection "All Desktops and Servers" aparece apenas o meu servidor SCCM e os dois gateways que eu tenho na rede



    Network Discovery failed to perform a WinSock operation relating to multicast membership. Network Discovery will not discover other routers on your local subnet by listening for OSPF packets. However, if Network Discovery can detect your default gateway using SNMP, it will find those routers anyway.

    Possible cause: Some other network software on the server is preventing Network Discovery from joining the OSPF multicast group.
    Solution: Ensure that the TCP/IP stack is installed and running. Also, verify that you are using Windows NT version 4.0 or later. Note that this message will not be generated again during this Network Discovery session, regardless of how often the error occurs.

    quinta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2010 13:23

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