which combination to use to find out which machines need one more cycle, success or failure. RRS feed

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  • I have a query (below) that returns the status of updates.

    Which combination to use to learn: new cycle, success and failure?

    use SUSDB
    SELECT     tbComputerTarget.FullDomainName, tbComputerTarget.IPAddress, tbTargetGroup.Name, failed, unknown, downloaded, notinstalled, installedpendingreboot, LastReportedStatusTime
    FROM         tbTargetInTargetGroup INNER JOIN
                        tbTargetGroup ON tbTargetInTargetGroup.TargetGroupID = tbTargetGroup.TargetGroupID INNER JOIN
                        tbComputerSummaryForMicrosoftUpdates INNER JOIN
                        tbComputerTarget ON tbComputerSummaryForMicrosoftUpdates.TargetID = tbComputerTarget.TargetID ON 
                        tbTargetInTargetGroup.TargetID = tbComputerTarget.TargetID
    order by name desc

    Luiz Cagy

    sexta-feira, 13 de junho de 2014 17:52