Configuration and Admin_Content databases vs WSS_Content database


  • Hello community

        The recommend size of  WSS_Content database is about 200GB.

        What is the recommended size of the "Configuration database"

    and the "Admin_Content database" ?

        Thank you

    quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2012 23:54


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  • What are you trying to do?  are you trying to figure out how much drive space will be required in the future?

    Patrick Curran | Twitter | Blog
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    sexta-feira, 22 de junho de 2012 00:08
  • There is no recommended size for the configuration database. It's as big as it is. If you neglect truncating and shrinking the transaction logs for the database, you will find that they will fill up your drive. Make sure you create a maintenance plan that handles this.

    The Central Administration content database is a content database so therefore would fall under the recommended 200 GB limit., but I have never seen a Central Administration content database get anywhere near this large. For the most part the content in the site is static.

    Jason Warren
    Infrastructure Specialist

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