.Net mess


  • How can I get help on installing .NET?  I'm continuing to get error 1603.  I tried to run the .NET Framework Cleanup Tool.  It seemed to hang, but the log and the "Add or Remove Programs"  verified that everything was uninstalled.  I tried a re-install, and still get the 1603 on version 2.0 installation after re-installing the 1.* stuff.  This is a Windows XP 32-bit system that has never had a successful 2.*, or 3.* .NET installation.  I've been working around this problem for months, trying several times to get this to go. but finally ran into a real need for this.

    Is it really supposed to be this much work?  Where can I get help for supporting what I think should be a simple install?

    segunda-feira, 11 de junho de 2012 13:45

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