BCS External List Limitations


  • Hi All,

    Going thru BCS in one of the application but found following limitations with.

    Any body out there who could suggest me with something or say any use of third party tool

    BCS External List Limitations

    1) Workflows cannot be configured on External Lists
    2) Cannot create Information Management Policies
    3) No versioning or version history
    4) No Inline Editing or Datasheet View
    5) No ratings
    6) No ability to Export to Excel, Create Visio Diagram, Open with Access or  Open with Project
    7) No REST access through ListData.svc to External Lists
    8 ) No RSS Feeds
    9) No Item Level Permissions
    10) No item or field level validation
    11) No Lookups
    12) No attachments

    quinta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2011 10:10

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