Serviço DNS reiniciando RRS feed

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  • Amigos,

    Estou com um incidente referente ao serviço de DNS. Segue abaixo:

    CSBM4141 - A problem with the inter-domain trusts has been detected : Source: CSBM4141 Descricao: See additional alerts for details

    BMS - AD Site Performance Health Degraded : Source: BELGO-MONLEVADE Descricao: More than 60% of the DCs contained in this AD Site report a Performance Health problem

    Verifiquei no Eventviewer do servidor que há 3 tipos de eventos suspeitos:

    Event ID: 7050

    Source: DNS


    The DNS server recv() function failed. The event data contains the error.


    Event ID: 3000

    Source: DNS


    The DNS server has encountered numerous run-time events. To determine the initial cause of these run-time events, examine the DNS server event log entries that precede this event. To prevent the DNS server from filling the event log too quickly, subsequent events with Event IDs higher than 3000 will be suppressed until events are no longer being generated at a high rate.


    Event ID: 111

    Source: DNS


    The DNS server could not create a thread. System may be out of resources. You might close applications not in use, restart the DNS server or reboot your computer. The event data is the error code.

    sexta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2012 14:01