As the meeting organizer, you do not need to respond to the meeting."even when they are not organizer of the meeting. RRS feed

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  • When a user try to "Accept ","Decline","Tentative" or "Propose New Time" an update for a Meeting request where you are an attendee and
    not an Organizer, that user get a message error, even if not organizer "As the meeting organizer, you do not need to respond to the

    It's happens sometimes with some users.

    Exchange 2003 (UptoDate)
    Outlook 2007 (UptoDate)

    Anyone knows about it? 
    terça-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2011 17:53


  • It's already happened to me, I opened a case in microsoft. Seen to be a BUG Error. Solutions was: Cause: ====== Possible Calendar Folder corruption Resolution: ========= 1) Took backup of the Calendar in a PST. 2) Opened MFCMapi and opened affected user’s mailbox. 3). Closed Outlook 4). Run MFCmapi.exe 5). At the top of the screen, choose “session” and then “log on and display 6). Select the desired user when prompted. 7). Right click the “mailbox-username” and select “open store” 8). Expand the “root-mailbox” and then expand “IPM-SUBTREE” 9). You should then see the user’s calendar. 10). Right click the calendar and select delete. 11). GO to Start/run and in the “run” box type “outlook /resetfolders” 12). Then we imported the contents of the PST to the Calendar in the mailbox. 13). After testing the Meeting update we were able to Accept or Decline it. Note: ===== Please take Backup of the Calendar Folder by exporting the Meetings to a PST. Steps to do that are below. 1) Click on "File", "Import and Export". 2) Select "Export to a File". 3) Click "Next" and select "Personal Folder File" 4) Select the 'Calendar' Folder from the list and click 'Next'. 5) Save the PST file to a location on the local drive. 6) Click Finish To Import the data back from the PST follow the same steps but instead of "Export to a File" Select Import from another program or file. I hope that it may help.
    quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011 19:04