Anyone have a chance to restore .vmdk files to Hyper V

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  • Could you please clarify the question?

    Are you trying to restore esxi files to Windows server with Hyper-V role running?

    quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2018 16:23
  • Hi

         I have been given these files from VM:

    1.       ProjectName ProjectName VM.vmxf
    2.       ProjectName ProjectName VM-0.vmdk
    3.       ProjectName ProjectName VM-0-000002.vmdk
    4. ProjectName ProjectName VM-000002.vmdk
    5. ProjectName ProjectName VM-Snapshot12.vmsn
    6.       vmware.log
    7.       vmware-0.log
    8.       vmware-1.log
    9.       vmware-2.log
    10.    vmware-vmx.dmp
    11.    vmware-vmx-0.dmp
    12.    vprintproxy.log
    13.    vprintproxy-0.log
    14.    vprintproxy-1.log
    15.    vprintproxy-2.log
    16.    caches (folder)
    17.    ExtData (E) - Verknüpfung.lnk
    18. ProjectName ProjectName VM.nvram
    19. ProjectName ProjectName VM.vmdk
    20.    ProjectName ProjectName VM.vmsd
    21.    ProjectName ProjectName VM.vmx

    I need to restore these VM to HyperV. 

    What I have done:

    I have used an open source tool VmdkConvert which converted VMDK file into VHD File.

    Then restored VHD this file successfully to Hyper-V. 


                When I restore VHD File, it only showed C Drive. Not E Drive. When VMWorkStation Playe used to open VMDK File, it showed C and E drives both.

    Where I am missing.



    quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2018 21:17