What is best practice to lessen the time of a FIM MA Full Synchronization ?


  • Hellos,

    We have been analysing our MIM system. We have endeavoured  to reduce the MetaVerse objects to be as minimal as possible. We have also attempted to eliminate all orphan EREs from Portal and MV.

    We still see a Full Sync of Portal taking almost an hour!

    What are the main influences on the length of time taken for a Full Sync?

    Is it number of connector space entries?  or Memory of Sync server? or memory of SQL server?

    We need to have a Full Import/Full Sync of all our 3 main resources once per day but this seems be impacting on the daily office activities.

    sexta-feira, 11 de maio de 2018 07:36

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  • Hi-

    The number of entries, rules extensions, and SQL performance are going to be your main factors here. I'd specifically look at read I/O performance on SQL.

    In your case, investigating getting rid of EREs all together may help you a lot. The bigger question to me is why you need to do a Full Sync every day? That should not be necessary.


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    sexta-feira, 11 de maio de 2018 14:51