how to disable synchronizing files on log on and log off


  • We have windows server 2008 that have Folder redirection  GPO so windows XP users are experiencing slow logg off  and login because each time that the user login the synchronizing process  is  starting  as well as the log off so is there any way that I can hide  this syncing like the windows 7 users. windows 7 users don't see any sync operation on each login and loggoff so help me


    terça-feira, 12 de junho de 2012 11:10

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  • Hi,

    I dont believe there is any way in GPO to hide this process as far as I know. I am not sure if you are trying to just hide the process or if you wish to disable synchronizing all together.

    Mixed environments can experience these issues as there are profile differences between WinXP and Win7 which need to be catered for.

    In mixed environments, administrators can even configure folders such as Favorites- which cannot be roamed on earlier versions of Windows-so that they roam between Windows 7 computers and computers running an earlier version of Windows. To do this, simply redirect the %SystemDrive%\Users\user_name\Favorites folder in Windows Vista and later versions to \\Profile_server\Profiles\user_name \Favorites within the roaming profile of the earlier version of Windows. Unfortunately, this method adds data to the user profile to enable having user data in both versions of Windows. This additional data can slow down logons and logoffs when logging on clients running previous versions of Windows.

    Another thing you could do is check your DNS. Take one of the XP machines, and manually configure the IP address, set the primary DNS to the IP of the 2008 server which is the DC and try, see if it improves?

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