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  • Sorry if it has been asked already.  I searched and found nothing that could help me. I am new to virtual machine, but have computer skills.

    I am running a copy of Windows 98se on virtual machine (actual computer is running 64-bit Windows 7 home edition.  I am able to boot Windows 98 on virtual machine, but the full screen function does not work.  When I click the 'full screen" option, the small screen centers, but remains small.  The rest of the screen around it is black.  I tried clicking, "enable integration features" but the option is grey-scaled and does not click. I then tried, "upgrade integration components" but when I did, the message I receive is, "The D:/setup.EXE file expects a newer version of windows"

    Does anyone know what I need to do here? 

    vineri, 19 ianuarie 2018 23:49

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  • Anyone?
    sâmbătă, 20 ianuarie 2018 01:59
  • The integration components included with the newest version of Virtual PC don't include Windows 98 as a supported OS.

    You need to get the VPC Additions from an older version of Virtual PC.

    You can get them from my website here:

    I think that VPC2007 still had support for Windows 98.  Once you download the file, unzip, and you'll need to mount the VMAdditions.iso file to the CD-ROM drive manually.  Run the setup and install the Additions, reboot, and this should allow you to use the full screen.

    luni, 22 ianuarie 2018 22:56