Coverting Active/Active cluster to Standalone


  • Good day,

    I've been digging around for answers to this, but all the posts I have found refer to Active/Passive clusters.

    I have an Active/Active FileServer/SQL cluster on VMware/UCS/Cisco using RDM's.
    Windows 2012r2/SQL 2012.
    We are migrating to VMWare/UCS/Pure and also implementing Azure for DR.
    Azure does not support RDM's. We've chatted about our options and have decided to "remove" the cluster and utilize VVOL. This is the only cluster in our environment, and we have over 150 servers.

    I am trying to find the most graceful way to switch these two servers from a cluster to standalone.

    Am I oversimplifying the process with just running Remove-Cluster -CleanupAD?

    My concern is what happens to the disks? Will they stay attached to the last server they were assigned to? Or might I need to remove each disk from shared storage first and ensure they are attached to the "right" server?


    vineri, 13 iulie 2018 16:43

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  • The disks will remain attached to all nodes of the cluster.  You could remove the clustered resources first which would then release the assignment of the disk to a particular resource.  But the connection to shared disks is something that is established before a cluster is created.  Simply break the connections after the cluster has been destroyed.  As long as you do not try to access the disks before removing them, you should have no issues.  Done this many times - though not with VMware involved.  You may have to ask VMware what they might do.


    sâmbătă, 14 iulie 2018 11:30