Can't access setup.


  • So, I have two Office Professional Plus 2010 discs.

    My computer recently crashed. I reinstalled the operating system. Now I'm putting back on the software. Except, neither disc seems to have the suite on it. I have run the setup on both. One of them only has Communicator. The other one always gives me a message that says "Business Contact Manager for Microsoft Outlook 2010 Setup Wizard Error. Microsoft Outlook 2010 must be installed before you can install Business Contact Manager for Microsoft Outlook 2010. Install Outlook from CD 1, and then start this installation again."

    16 februarie 2012 19:17


  • Hi,

    ProPlus consists of 3 entitlements/installations:
    a) The ProPlus setup
    b) BCM setup
    c) Lync (formerly known as Communicator)

    It seems that you can't find the main ProPlus disc?


    17 februarie 2012 08:53

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