Map Toolkit report, will be send back to Microsoft without user/organisation's knowledge?


  • I am wondering if the report from map toolkit will be sent back to microsoft without the user/organisation's knowledge?
    22 februarie 2012 02:16


  • No, we believe very strongly in your right to privacy and we will not collect information without your permission. If you choose to opt-in, MAP will send back anonymous data used in the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP). You can find specific details in our privacy statement (

    I do encourage you to participate in the MAP CEIP because this information is completely anonymous and helps us make decisions regarding ongoing support of current features and possible addition of future features as we strive to make MAP a useful tool. An example of data that we collect via the CEIP is the version and edition of Windows that is on the machine you install MAP on. Some newer technologies are not supported on older versions of Windows. By knowing how many users still use MAP on Windows XP, we can get an idea of how many users will be affected if we add that feature.

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    22 februarie 2012 19:56