Crează template-uri GPO pentru a facilitatea crearea și administrarea de GPO RRS feed

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  • When you use Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM), your GPOs are either controlled or uncontrolled. With controlled GPOs, you have additional management options, including the ability to create GPO templates. A template is a predefined GPO that you can use as a baseline for new GPOs. These are handy, for instance, to help other administrators in your organization create new GPOs more quickly. Note that although GPO templates store both policy preferences and policy settings, you cannot edit a GPO template after you create it.

    To create a GPO template, you must have the appropriate permissions: you need to be an Editor or a Full Control Administrator. (For an overview of AGPM administrative roles and permissions, see Understand Group Policy AGPM Change Control Privileges.) As an Editor or Full Control Administrator, you can create new GPO templates by doing the following:
    1. In the GPMC, select the Change Control node in the domain in which you want to manage GPOs.
    2. In the details pane, select the top-level Contents node.

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