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  • Hi,

    I need to upgrade an Infopath 2007 Filler Form to an Infopath  2010 Filler Form.

    It is a pretty complex form, it has about 17 views, 20 Data Connections (Web Services, Sharepoint Lists) and it is used to generate a Word document based on a XSLT template.

    What found as an issue / limitation is tha when I try to Upgrade any of the Sharepoint List Data Connections, it displays the following message:

    "...All Controls that use data retrieved by this connection will no longer display any data and will need to be configured again"

    Therefore I need to remap all controls inside the form to display the original values, etc, which is not an easy task due to the amount of controls.

    Another question: Is there a way to get the list of all Controls, Textboxes, etc and their respective bindings, connections, etc?

    Please advise, I need to finish this and any help is useful at this point.

    15 martie 2012 16:34

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  • Hi true_oss,

    Is there any reason why you need to change the InfoPath 2007 Filler Form to an Infopath 2010 Filler Form. So far in my experience you can still fill in a InfoPath 2007 Filler Form in InfoPath 2010. Also you can update the InfoPath 2007 Filler Form to 2010 without updating the SharePoint List data connections. 

    Kind Regards, Justin Nash

    16 martie 2012 04:46
  • Hi Justin,

    The upgrade of the form is the first step of many other future enhancements.

    But as I mentioned before when trying to save the XSN 2007 file to a XSN 2010 file I get an error forcing me to upgrade the connections.

    Is there any workaround for this?

    Any help is abolutely apreciated :D

    NOTE: The connection to the SharePoint 2010 lists are not connection files, this is due to performance.
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    16 martie 2012 21:28