Disabling needless network prevents Live migration.


  • I am trying to get rid of cluster networks that are not needed any more. I have disabled them on the servers and they disappear from failover cluster manager.  However, live migration fails with "Failed to get the network address node 'node name': A cluster network is not available for this operation. (0x000013AB).'  There is one network cluster between all the nodes.

    Can anyone suggest how to fix this?

    marți, 15 mai 2018 20:55


  • I found the solution.  If you right click networks, there is a "Live Migration Setting" selection that can be used to select the network for live migrations.  I just changed the setting to an existing network and all is OK.I just ran into this when I was working on a different problem.

    • Marcat ca răspuns de dga_1 joi, 17 mai 2018 17:11
    joi, 17 mai 2018 17:11

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