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  • We store PDFs of our employees' professional certifications (certificates, ie "OSHA 30-hr. Safety Course Completion Certificate" in a document library. These certificates expire after X years, and we want the system to issue alerts to the owner of each certificate (as well as alerting our HR Director and the person's boss) that their Certificate will expire in 90 days so it's time to start the renewal process.  If we declare these PDFs as records, what else do we need to do to make those alerts happen?
    14 iunie 2012 03:12


  • From what it looks that you want an alert to be sent 90 days before the document expires, which could be done using a workflow.?

    If yes then you need to add an additional column to the document library e.g.expire; and then from the workflow the moment expire column becomes <=90 (days), it should

    trigger an email..stating it to be renewed.

    Hope it helps

    14 iunie 2012 04:11

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