Unable to extend an CSV volume


  • Hi everyone,

    I have a problem about Extending volumes in Storage Spaces Direct. I have extend Virtual Disk successfully.

    and then go to the next step, extended partition and volume. use like below command:

    # Choose virtual disk
    $VirtualDisk = Get-VirtualDisk "<FriendlyName>"

    # Get its partition
    $Partition = $VirtualDisk | Get-Disk | Get-Partition | Where PartitionNumber -Eq 1

    # Resize to its maximum supported size
    $Partition | Resize-Partition -Size ($Partition | Get-PartitionSupportedSize).SizeMax

    but, cannot do it. error is

    I try to use DiskPart and facing look like the same old error about cannot extend volume.

     Please help suggestion me to solving this problem.



    miercuri, 23 mai 2018 18:02

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  • Hi,

    The error is might be related to the cluster size of the problematic volume.

    Please run the corresponding command to check the value of Bytes Per Cluster, which shows the cluster size of the spanned disk

    fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo <volume letter>

    Windows will automatically adjust the cluster size of the volume when we did the 1st time formatting. For your current situation, Windows choose the cluster size 4KB by default, so the largest volume size will be 16TB. 

    Kind regards,

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    miercuri, 23 mai 2018 18:33
  • Hi Leon,

    no volume letter? how to get it. please suggestion me.

    I want to expand Volume 7.



    joi, 24 mai 2018 02:02
  • Hi Leon,

    for now, I can extend volume to 15TB. next step we can shrink .vhdx disk size from 20TB to 15TB?



    joi, 24 mai 2018 07:49
  • For now extend your current drive, in the future I would recommend to create and add a new CSV volume.

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    joi, 24 mai 2018 07:51
  • Hi Leon,

    In my case, if I can't extend volume to 20TB which actual disk size that have 15TB. but DPM server in disk pool have 20TB.

    Will there be problems with the application?(I mean DPM backup data over actual disk size at 15TB)

    for solve this case we can add new CSV and present to DPM server for extend DPM disk pool only?



    luni, 11 iunie 2018 04:20