Sharepoint - Error Issue

Toate mesajele

  • Hi,

    You need to click on the leftmost menu item. (Edit Public URLs).
    Then select your present default zone and you'll get a screen where you can change all the values.

    You can on this screen even change the address of the default zone.

    For more information refer :

    Might be it is helpful for you.


    Mukesh Ajmera

    8 iunie 2012 07:20
  • thanks.. I'll try it :)
    8 iunie 2012 07:31
  • how did you get this error? Could you please share the steps to reproduce?

    usually, you only need to Add Internal URLs for AAM in situation such as configure reverse proxy;

    for Publich URLs, system will automatically manage for you when you create/extend web applications or delete web application/Remove SharePoint from IIS web site.

    14 iunie 2012 04:23