Could I output MA operation statistics to file or DB ?

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  • I use MIIS for GAL exchange.
    I would like to export the result of Export and Import Operation of Management Agent.

    For example , I can follow the link of Adds,Updates,Delete in Synchronization statistics and can get the detailed AD object information.

    I would like to get these AD object information to file or database.

    Is there any way ?, I think it might be possible by some SQL query because I can get the information by GUI .

    12 iunie 2012 08:12

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  • So to be clear you want to get the connector or metaverse object (in that particular state). Is this for logging purposes or do you have other requirements to get this information?

    You can easily save the run history to a file (which is exported to a xml file) but that file does only contain the errors and the numbers (statistics), but there are no references to what objects are provisioned, updates etc. To get that information you will need to dive in the database.

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    12 iunie 2012 08:53
  • You can access these via WMI (in C#, VB Script, Powershell).. I used to check the number of pending export before exporting to system that were sensitive to the number of updates without using the object limits in the run definition since at that point you'd already exported the limit.


    12 iunie 2012 16:42
  • You might look into the logging option of your run profiles to see if that helps you.  You can drop details about the objects altered in exports and imports to an XML file saved to the MA folder under MaData, and using Carol Wapshere's technique you can archive them in a more human-readable format.  Those files are better for the details of the objects than a summary of what was done.  Note they will not contain information about the synchronization steps, only export and import.

    On my ILM server I archive all the logs for my exports to AD, but not the imports.  The reason is that we have a lot of security groups with a lot of members, and even on a delta import the full member attribute is imported and logged even if there was only one addition or removal.  That leads to large import.xml files which would eventually eat up the entire hard drive.  The MA that handles the authoritative data from the ERP system logs on the delta imports, however, and I archive all of those so I can figure out where a change came from.


    12 iunie 2012 18:24