On Failover cluster management console , current host server is showing wrong name


  • Hello Everyone,

    I have recently set up Always-on between three server .During my regular checks, I found that the current host server on Failover cluster management console is showing something else which is not suppose to be the right server.

    Let me explain you in details -

    Primary- SQL1

    Secondary-SQL2 & SQL3.

    But on Failover cluster management console SQL2 showing as current host server.

    Please let me know why it is showing like this?

    mastanvali shaik

    marți, 15 mai 2018 10:32

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  • Hi,

    Have you done any failovers lately? I have noticed for example during maintenance when we do planned failovers and migrate the roles from one node to another, the Current Host might change or stay.

    If you want SQL1 to become the Current Host Server, you can drain the secondary SQL nodes (SQL2 & SQL3) and your SQL1 node should become the Current Host Server.

    The Current Host Server is the node that is currently hosting the core cluster resources, it isn't the same and is just another role. Different roles can be owned by different nodes. The Current Host Server and the Owner Node do not need to be the same - and generally most people don't care who owns the core cluster resources in a Windows Server Failover Cluster that only has SQL Server. It does make a difference in certain situations but for the vast majority, it makes no real difference.

    Kind regards,

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    marți, 15 mai 2018 11:13
  • I agree with Leon.  In your initial problem description, you state "Failover cluster management console SQL2 showing as current host server", but you do not state what SQL2 is current host server of.  If you have SQL installed on the cluster, there are a minimum of two roles in the cluster - the cluster management itself and the SQL instance.  These can (and often do) run on different nodes of the cluster.  Without more information (screen shots?), we don't know exactly what you are talking about.  And, either of those roles can be running on any of the nodes of the cluster.


    marți, 15 mai 2018 12:01