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  • На XP была проблема с дублированием SusClientID при развертывании из образа 

    в этой статье говорится, что проблему якобы исправили, и на семерке дублей быть не должно:

    "We have added an automatic feature to the Windows Update Agent that is installed on WSUS client computers. This feature can help address this duplicate-SusClientID issue. The feature provides a solution that is added to the client-side Windows Update Agent starting with version 7.0.6000.374. (This version is the client version that was included with WSUS 3.0.)
    This solution uses a hardware validation routine to determine whether the current client hardware has changed since the SUSClientID value was created. (This hardware includes network adapters and hard disks.) 
    The hardware validation routine is stored as a binary large object in the Susclientidvalidation registry key at the same location as the Susclientid registry value. If the hardware validation routine indicates that all the hardware has changed, a new SusClientID value is generated by the client."

    однако на самом деле проблема продолжается и на семерке. не только у меня, но и у других людей:

    Может кто-нибудь прокомментировать эту ситуацию?

    2 декабря 2013 г. 10:58

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