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  • Как оказалось, в Vista отсутсвует netsend. Нет возможности отправлять и получать подобные сообщения. как это можно "вылечить"? Откуда можно взять эту утилиту и внедрить в Vista?
    20 февраля 2007 г. 13:17


  • The Messenger Service was originally designed for use by system administrators to notify Windows users about their networks[1]. It has been used maliciously to present pop-up advertisements to users over the Internet (by using mass-messaging systems which sent a desired message to a specified range of IP addresses). Even though Windows XP included a firewall by default, many users never enabled it and received such messages. For this reason it has been disabled by default at popular demand in the second Service Pack for Windows XP, a change perhaps redundant as the same service pack also enabled the firewall by default.

    In order to use the Messenger Service functionality of Windows through the NET SEND command, either by itself or with the use of a third party NetBIOS messaging application, it is recommended that the NetBIOS ports cannot be reached from sources external to the local network. The ports that can be used by the Messenger service are 135, 137, 138, and 139. Many Internet service providers currently block access to these NetBIOS ports over the Internet, helping to prevent spamming even for older unfirewalled clients.

    Microsoft provides instructions to disable this service to avoid messaging spam via this service.

    The Messenger Service is no longer supported from Windows Vista and Windows Server "Longhorn".

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    20 февраля 2007 г. 13:41

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