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  • Hi,

    We are facing some technical challenges on RoleCenter deployment in AX 2009 as given below:

    1. Multiple level drill down within a hierarchy -  Is it possible to drill down beyond a single level in KPI deployed to Business Overview WebParts?
    2. Multiple Role Centers to Single User - A user is given 2 or more roles in Role Center. Is there a quick way to configure or switch between Role Centers ?
    3. Data Specific Role Center - E.g. Department head of X division, is able to view data on X only in Role center. If we apply RLS (Record Level Security) at AX Transaction tables, will it also be equally effective at Role Center deployed?
    4. Custom Cubes Deployment from Multiple Database sources - In Role Centers, How to deploy KPIs coming in from multiple database sources
    5. Cues - Are cues customizable to calculate time difference from multiple tables within AX product? If Yes, guidelines to do so.

    Any help on above any of above issues would be of great help.


    23 февраля 2010 г. 3:08

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