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  • Правильно ли я понял, что FTMG не поддерживает IPv6?

    Forefront TMG does not support IPv6. If you install Forefront TMG by using a remote desktop connection from a computer that communicates over IPv6 (the default for Windows Vista), at the end of the installation, the connection to that computer will be closed by Forefront TMG, and the computer will not be added to the Remote Management Computers computer set. It is recommended that if you perform a remote installation of Forefront TMG, you do so over an IPv4 connection.

    Просто кое где читал, что IPv6 поддерживается:
    Поддержка IPv6: Это вряд ли можно назвать “фичей”, скорее реализацией обязательного на сегодняшний день функционала.

    А если поддерживается, то будет ли возможна такая реализация Internet IPv6 -- FTMG -- Internal IPv4?

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    Forefront TMG installed in an Essential Business Server scenario drops all IPv6 traffic. Following Forefront TMG installation note the following:
    • Forefront TMG denies all IPv6 traffic.
    • ISATAP (Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol) is disabled.
    • The 6to4 interface is disabled. This mechanism allows IPv6 packets to be transmitted over an IPv4 network.
    • Whenever the Forefront TMG Control service restarts the Forefront TMG server reregisters with DNS to ensure that there is only an A record registered for the server, and no AAAA (IPv6) record. It also clears the DNS, Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), and Neighborhood Discovery (IPv6 version of ARP) caches.
    • Changing the Forefront TMG installation folder is not supported

    Таким образом поддержки IPV6 нет

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