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    Добрый день!


      Не могу запустить Callout. Получил dll, сформировал callout.config, положил в папку С:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM\Server\bin\assembly

     Перезагрузил сервер - неработает.

     У меня вопрос: надо ли делать PublicKey для сборки, и как должен называться файл конфигурации - callout.config или callout.config.xml

      Есть ли какие нибудь нюансы, которые в книжке не написаны?


    2 октября 2007 г. 5:02

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    Тут расписанна вся структура создания Callout:




    2 октября 2007 г. 20:40
  • Все спасибо разобрался. Кому интересно - Callout ы должны писаться на VisualStudio2003. Сделаные на 2005 - ом не работают (видимо причина в разных версиях Framevork для CRM и для 2005) - пишет неверный формат dll.


    3 октября 2007 г. 4:29
  • Всё верно. Там по той ссылке даже это расписанно. А VisualStudio 2005 поддержвается новой версией CRM Titan (4.0)

    3 октября 2007 г. 6:11
  • А подскажите, где можно почитать хоть что-то по поводу CRM Titan (4.0). Интересуют в первую очередь примерные сроки выхода и новый функционал.

    8 октября 2007 г. 10:18
  • Titan is the code name for the next release of Microsoft CRM (4.0), due out in December 2007.

    The three main design themes of the Microsoft CRM Titan release will be:

    • Multi-tenancy (handling multiple Microsoft CRM deployments on a single server). Useful for different departments or divisions of the organisation. Also Multitenancy will allow SAAS vendor to host multiple customers' applications on a single server instead of dedicating servers to individual customers. Since this will require fewer servers, it's a cheaper way for vendors to run their hosting operations and they can pass some of those savings to customers, offering them a less costly service.
    • Multi-language (supporting multiple languages in a single deployment).  Useful when you have users who want their own language interface and need to share a common CRM database.
    • Even tighter integration with Microsoft Office 2007.

    In addition the 'Titan' release is specifically designed to open up new opportunities for Microsoft's global community of independent software vendors, value-added resellers, hosting providers and system integrators, as well as to provide a new platform for on-demand solution partners to plug into.

    Features we think are likely to be incorporated into the release include:

    • Bulk import of more entities.

    • Export of data, to resolve up poor quality data issues, then easy re-importation of data back into CRM.

    • Dedupe will work on data entry with option to use code optimisation. I.e.. CRM could prompt for possible contact working for same company with Names Fred Smith and Fred Smyth.

    • In this release the whole product is going to be built on the new .NET 3.0 platform and the older C technology components will be replaced..

    • ‘On events’ are improved.

    • Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) which is web development technique used for creating interactive web applications is hoped to be supported. This should allow faster update many of the CRM screens.

    • More many to many relationships supported. (Currently out of the box only company to company and company to contact are supported. If you want more you need to purchase an add-on.)

    • You will be have to have more than one relationship between the same two entities.

    • Mail merge will be significantly improved and now go to a new screen which will list both Word or CRM templates.

    • Titan will enable you to use Pop 3 e-mail accounts and no longer mandate use of Exchange Server.

    • There will be an Exchange Router to allow you to interface to other e-mail servers.

    • CRM 4.0 Customers will be able to access the software from Microsoft's Office Outlook, via a Web browser or a variety of mobile devices.

    • CRM 4.0 will have the support for end user dashboards

    • Microsoft CRM 4.0 will be available in 24 languages.

    • CRM SBE will be released at the same time as Titian. Currently not sure as to what version of Small Business Server it will run on.

      Exchange Server 2007 will be an integral part of the next version of Windows SBS based upon the Windows Server (code name "Longhorn") release.

      The next version of Windows SBS is expected to be released six to twelve months (i.e. sometime in 2008 following the release of Windows Server 2008 (code name "Longhorn").



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    11 октября 2007 г. 15:57