What are the minimum credentials for volume activation?


  • I would like to use VAMT to manage office and windows licences in my organisation, however I do not have administrator rights to every desktop and server and it is unlikely I will be granted full access (as other than licensing, I do not manage these computers).

    I therefore need to find out if it is possible to create a non-admin account for VMAT and if so what are the minimum permissions it requires?



  • Hi,

    MS Volume Activation technologies do require some privileged access to the machines.
    You can perform initial activation of the VL products when not having admin rights, if certain settings are in place (which needs to be put in place by an admin, so then a non-admin can activate and re-activate etc).

    But, for remote methods such as VAMT, there are a few technical requirements.
    a) are you just needing to query/report? or do you need to "manage", "configure", "activate" machines?
    b) remotely over your LAN, you will need to have an account with remote DCOM/RPC permissions on each machine you query
    c) remotely over your LAN, you will need to have inbound firewall permissions for DCOM/RPC/WinRM on each machine you query
    d) you will need to build a list of machines, with their DNS hostnames and/or IP addresses. (or have access to AD or some DNS or other directory)

    Using VAMT is fairly non-technical, once you have all the networking and permissions worked out.
    Working out the networking and permissions is the harder part, especially if you aren't already an IT admin with broad systems privileges.


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