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    1.  The New-WBFileSpec cmdlet creates a new WBFileSpec object based on the parameters you specify. The WBFileSpec object defines what items will be included or excluded from backups.



    C:\PS>$filespec = New-WBFileSpec -FileSpec C:\sample\*.mp3 -Exclude

    The WBFileSpec object that specifies the exclusion of*.mp3 files during backup under the path C:\sample


    1. The Set-WBVssBackupOptions cmdlet sets a value that specifies whether the backups that are created using the backup policy (WBPolicy object) are Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) copy backups or VSS full backups. Choose to create VSS full backups if you are not using any other product to back up applications. This option updates the backup history of each file and clears the application log files. Choose to create VSS copy backups if you are using another product to back up applications that are on the volumes included in the backup. This option retains the application log files.

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