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    Вопрос такой: в маркетинговом списке есть, собственно, участники маркетингового списка, причём это представление, но где его можно настроить? Потому что по умолчанию, там  только ФИО, телефон и город, но этого мало, да и вообще.

    Где настраивается данное представлени и можно ли его вообще как-то настроить?

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  • Я когда-то искал, не нашел... Сюда писал - вроде бы выяснилось, что это неизменяемая сущность...

    Ну или как-то так... Думаю если оочень захотеть можно в базу залезть, но не экспереиментировал...

    9 июня 2008 г. 15:16
  • Сталкивался с такой задачей. Решить удалось:

    To modify the Marketing List Members view for a Contact list, do the


    1) First, notice that there are three types of Marketing Lists: those

    that hold Contacts, Accounts, and Leads.  Make a note of which type


    are looking at.  Also notice that in the upper right there are three

    views: All Members, Active Members, and Inactive Members.  (So, there

    are NINE views you can possibly modify - just make sure you know


    one you are trying to modify).  I am going to modify the All Members

    view for Contacts in this example.

    2)  In SQL Query Manager, in the MSCRM DB, Run:

    select * from savedquerybase where name like '%mem%'

    This will give you the views you care about: for example, you can see

    three views with "All Members" as the name.   If you scroll over to


    right 5 columns from the name, you'll see a field called

    "ReturnedTypeCode".  It will have values of 1 (Account), 2 (Contact),

    or 4 (Lead).  (These correspond to the ObjectTypeCodes of these


    3) Find the name of the view you want to modify, with the proper

    ReturnedTypeCode (I am modifying the All Members view for

    REturnedTypeCode of 2). Scroll all the way left, and copy (CTRL/C)


    GUID in the SavedQueryID column that is associated with the Name and

    REturnedTypeCode you want to modify.

    4) Go to Settings / Customize Entities, double-click on any

    customizable entity (e.g. Contacts), click on Forms and Views, pick


    view.  This will open the view editor for you.

    5) Hold down the CTRL key and press the N key.  This will open up a


    window with the URL address viewable.  Select the GUID at the end of

    that line, leaving the { and } brackets, and hit CTRL/V to paste the

    contents of the GUID you copied in step 3 into this URL.  Press the

    Enter key.  This will bring up the view you want to modify.

    6) Add Columns (I added Parent Customer, so I can view the company


    on this list), Configure Sorting, etc. as usual, and Save and Close.

    Click Yes when it asks if you want to close the window.

    7) In the Customize Entities view, under More Actions, select Publish

    All Customizations.

    8) Go to Marketing \ Marketing Lists, and open any list that has the

    word "Contact" in the second column (Marketing List Member Type).

    Click on the Marketing List Members tab.  As the All Members view

    displays by default, you will now see the Parent Customer field (or


    others you have added) in that view.

    Repeat steps 3-6 for each view you want to modify, and you should be

    all set...

    22 августа 2008 г. 7:52