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    To provide network security while still supporting network access by external users, you can create a separate Active Directory forest for partner accounts. With this topology, you can make a separate root certification cluster for the Internet-facing portion of the RMS system. This allows external users to receive their RMS machine certificate and rights account certificate from this Internet-facing root certification cluster the first time that they gain access to RMS-protected content.

    If you decide to implement a separate forest for external partners that will contain the partner accounts, RMS must be installed in that forest. You can then use the trusted publishing domain feature of RMS to establish trust between the two RMS servers. You also need to have the external DNS records identify the external cluster URL of the RMS installation in the forest created for the external partners. Creating this trust relationship would allow the external RMS server to issue use licenses for all content issued by the internal RMS system and vice versa.


    Как это сделать?

    Есть два леса, в каждом RMS root certfication server, емжду ними трасты (user & publishing). Но при открытии документа соединение устанавливается к internal серверу, а не к external.

    18 января 2008 г. 14:03

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