Обновление Exchange Server 2016 CU20 MSExchangeIS 1012 RRS feed

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    После установки обновления появилась ошибка:

    Exchange Server Information Store has encountered an error while executing a full-text index query ("and(subject:string("SearchQueryStxProbe*", mode="and"), folderid:string("9DE83E133F13EB4F958FEB75219D953A00000000010C0000"))"). Error information: System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException: The message could not be dispatched because the service at the endpoint address 'net.pipe://localhost/3867' is unavailable for the protocol of the address.

    Server stack trace: 
       at System.Runtime.AsyncResult.End[TAsyncResult](IAsyncResult result)
       at System.ServiceModel.Channels.CommunicationObject.EndOpen(IAsyncResult result)

    Exception rethrown at [0]: 
       at System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies.RealProxy.HandleReturnMessage(IMessage reqMsg, IMessage retMsg)

     at System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies.RealProxy.PrivateInvoke(MessageData& msgData, Int32 type)

       at System.ServiceModel.ICommunicationObject.EndOpen(IAsyncResult result)
       at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.OperatorSchema.PagingImsFlowExecutor.CreateProxyFromChannelFactory(ChannelFactory`1 factory, Action channelFactoryDelegate)
       at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.OperatorSchema.PagingImsFlowExecutor.AcquireProxy()
       at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.OperatorSchema.PagingImsFlowExecutor.ExecuteServiceCall(IProcessingEngineChannel& serviceProxy, Action`1 call, Int32 retryCount)
       at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.OperatorSchema.PagingImsFlowExecutor.ExecuteSearchFlow(String flowName, Dictionary`2 inputData)
       at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.OperatorSchema.PagingImsFlowExecutor.<ExecuteInternal>d__66.MoveNext()
       at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.OperatorSchema.PagingImsFlowExecutor.<ExecuteSimple>d__32.MoveNext()
       at Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.FullTextIndex.FullTextIndexQuery.ExecutePagedFullTextIndexQuery(Guid databaseGuid, Guid mailboxGuid, Int32 mailboxNumber, String query, CultureInfo culture, Guid correlationId, Boolean needConversationId, QueryLoggingContext loggingContext, PagedQueryResults pagedQueryResults, QueryIntent intent)
       at Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.StoreCommonServices.FastStoreFullTextIndexQuery.ExecuteOnePage(Context context, MailboxState mailboxState, Boolean needConversationDocumentId, SearchExecutionDiagnostics diagnostics)

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  • Привет,

    Посмотрите информацию из статьй внизу:

    Search on Exchange not working with EventID 1012: “Service at the endpoint address 'net.pipe://localhost/3867' is unavailable”

    I know this is old, but in case this helps someone: I ran into this exact same problem on Exchange 2016 after updating to CU18. On my four servers, noderunner.exe was also only listening on a couple of ports but not 3867. It turned out that having Sophos antivirus running during the upgrade broke something about noderunner.exe's startup or configuration or something. The solution was uninstalling Sophos antivirus (which did not fix it just by uninstalling the AV), and then re-running setup /mode:upgrade /iacceptexchangeserverlicenseterms to re-upgrade the server. After that, all of the databases' search indexes became functional again and noderunner.exe was listening on all the appropriate ports. I hope this helps someone!

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