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    As far as I know a lot of information of MS Business Navision 5.0 is stored
    in the so call ZUP file. This might be the original one called fin.zup or an
    ID defined as super.zup. In some cases these ZUP files are corrupted and must
    be reset. ( start NAV without ID or delete original fin.zup ). My question -
    is it a good idea to backup the zup file once a day when the PC is startet
    up. For each day of the week an own backuped ZUP File is created as
    fin.zup.mon, fin.zup.tue . . . and so on.
    When my used ZUP File is damaged then I can use one of my backuped ZUP Files.
    Is there anything I have to consider when I use a backuped ( older ) ZUP File?
    Specially - I think on Order Entries or Invoice Entries which are
    manipulated at last time and are deleted/changed in the meantime. Please
    advice if it is a good idea to backup the ZUP File for emergency situations
    or not ?

    To loose all the personal information in the ZUP file is always sh..t - but
    try to explain that to a worried NAV user . . .
    on the other side might it be possible to damage any data in the database by using an old ZUP file?

    Thank you


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  • Sorry for the late response  :(

    You can do back-ups of zup-files.
    However they doesn't store anything important, just:
    * which columns is visible on the form
    * columns width and headers height
    * filters on the form
    * last parameters from report request form.
    * Menu Shortcut in Navigation Pane.

    You can also delete corrupted ZUP file - this is not a problem (just a little discomfort for user).

    4 сентября 2009 г. 14:25