Exchange Search Indexer has failed to crawl the mailbox ... Error 102, 123 RRS feed

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  • Недавно появились такие ошибки в логах... заметил что после того когда на пару ящиков включил Archive Mailbox

    Event 102, MSExchange Search Indexer
    Exchange Search Indexer has failed to crawl the mailbox (223ed0d3-47d8-4ab1-82b2-8a38bc727e3c) in database (Base01) due to error: (Microsoft.Exchange.Search.MailboxCrawlFailedException: Failed to get entry id or create folders to index ---> Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ObjectNotFoundException: The store ID provided isn't an ID of an item. ---> Microsoft.Mapi.MapiExceptionInvalidEntryId: MapiExceptionInvalidEntryId: Unable to open entry ID. (hr=0x80040107, ec=-2147221241) ....

    Майкрософт пишет :

    To resolve this error, do one or more of the following:

    • Wait for Active Directory replication to occur.
    • Check the status of a disabled or deleted mailbox.
    • Look at the Application event log for a detailed description of the event.
    • Get additional help by posting the issue at Newsgroups: Exchange Server and Outlook .
    • Contact Microsoft Product Support Services with the error code. For more information, visit the Contact Us page of the Microsoft Help and Support Web site.
    Жду но ошибки не исчезают ...

    И еще такое :
    Event 123, MSExchange Search Indexer
    Reconcilation of catalog for database Base01 revealed that 5 mailboxes had to be reconciled. An attempt was made to re-index items missing in the catalog. The next line shows order of fields appearing in the following reconcile results.
    [Mailbox GUID][Initial state][Reconciled item count][End state][First ten items...last ten items]
    30 ноября 2009 г. 21:03

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