При сборке образа Win10IoTCore не проходит валидацию MyDeviceFM.xml RRS feed

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  • Собираю Win10 IoT Core пользуясь этим руководством:

    Во время сборки образа ОС появляется ошибка:

    C:\iot-adk-addonkit\Tools>createimage.cmd MyDeviceTest Test
    Creating MyDeviceTest Test Image
    Build Start Time : 17:34:06.03
    Building Packages with product specific contents
     Processing Custom.Cmd.pkg.xml
    Creating Provisioning Package using C:\iot-adk-addonkit\Source-x64\Products\MyDeviceTest\prov\customizations.xml
    Microsoft (C) Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer
    ICD.exe: Build is in progress...
    ICD.exe: The package was successfully built and copied to the output path
    ICD.exe: Press Enter key to continue.
     Processing Provisioning.Auto.pkg.xml
    Creating Image...
    Microsoft (C) imageapp 8.0.11111.0
    ImageApp: Setting CPU Type to 'amd64'.
    info: Imaging: Reading the OEM Input XML file...
    info: FeatureAPI: Successfully validated the OEM Input XML: C:\iot-adk-addonkit\Source-x64\Products\MyDeviceTest\TestOEMInput.xml
    info: Imaging: Reading the FM XML file 'C:\iot-adk-addonkit\Source-x64\BSP\MyDevice\Packages\MyDeviceFM.xml'...
    fatal error : Imaging!ValidateInput: Failed to load Feature Manifest XML file C:\iot-adk-addonkit\Source-x64\BSP\MyDevice\Packages\MyDeviceFM.xml:FeatureAPI!ValidateInput: Unable to validate Feature Manifest XSD for file 'C:\iot-adk-addonkit\Source-x64\BSP\MyDevice\Packages\MyDeviceFM.xml'.
    fatal error :   FeatureAPI!ValidateInput: Unable to validate Feature Manifest XSD for file 'C:\iot-adk-addonkit\Source-x64\BSP\MyDevice\Packages\MyDeviceFM.xml'.ToolsCommon!XsdValidator::ValidateXsd: Validation of C:\iot-adk-addonkit\Source-x64\BSP\MyDevice\Packages\MyDeviceFM.xml failed
    info: Imaging: See and Flash.csi.log for details.
    info: Imaging: Performance Results:
    info:   Total Run Time: 00:00:00.3281752
    info:   Storage Stack Time:     00:00:00.0000021
    ImageApp: Error log can be found at 'C:\iot-adk-addonkit\Build\amd64\MyDeviceTest\Test\Flash.ImageApp.log'.
    "ImageApp "C:\iot-adk-addonkit\Build\amd64\MyDeviceTest\Test\Flash.FFU" "C:\iot-adk-addonkit\Source-x64\Products\MyDeviceTest\TestOEMInput.xml" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\MSPackages" +StrictSettingPolicies /CPUType:amd64 " failed with error 1
    "CreateImage MyDeviceTest Test" failed with error 1
    IoTCore amd64

    MyDevice и MyDeviceTest -- это BSP и продукт в том виде, каком были созданы с помощью newbsp и newproduct. 

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